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  Immigration Services

What services can Immigration Forms Specialists provide?

I am here to help with all your immigration paperwork needs. As a Notary Public and Approved Immigration form specialist, I am authorized to prepare immigration forms and build submission packages that meet USCIS requirements. An IFS may provide non-legal immigration services. Generally, these are services that do not require an attorney.

Examples of non-legal immigration services include:

  • Helping people complete immigration forms and applications

  • Translating a person’s answers to questions on the immigration forms.

  • Help a person collect supporting documents, such as birth certificates, or other vital records that may be needed to complete immigration forms.

  • Collecting support documents, such as birth certificates or other vital records, required for the application.

  • Submitting completed forms to immigration authorities on an applicant’s behalf.

  • Making referrals to attorneys to provide legal representation in an immigration matter.

Understanding that sometimes people may need services that only an attorney or an accredited representative can provide. 

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